• Pink Bag Swag PomPom Galore low res.jpg
    SALE Pink Cord Bag Swag
  • PomPomGalore new 2017 pom pom bag swags low res and pom pom key ring.jpg
    SALE Neon Pom pom Bag Swag Green Cord
  • New PomPom Bag and basket swags by POmPom Galore new for 2017 add to any bag or basket for that pom pom effect lo.jpg
    SALE Pom Pom Bag Swag & Basket
  • Square Emma Basket no rivets copy (1).jpg
    SALE Traditional French Basket
  • tassel swag.JPG
    Tassel Bag Swag AND Basket
  • PompomG_8358.jpg
    Tassel & Pom Pom Bag Swag